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Social entrepreneurship

A month after the opening of our bicycle shop, the first employee joined us. On his first working day, he said to our CEO Tom te Riele: 'If you're good for me, I'm good for you too'. Since then, social entrepreneurship has been anchored in our DNA. We employ people with dedication to the best of our ability. People with and without a distance to the labour market have the same opportunities to develop within the organisation. People who are distanced from the labour market or who have a disability are often ignored, while they are extremely motivated to work. At T.O.M. bv we look for a suitable workplace together with an internal job coach. In this way we make optimal use of their talents and they enjoy going to work every day.

There is a place for everyone on the labour market, who share the philosophy of T.O.M. bv and Lunet care. Thanks to this shared ideology, we have had intensive cooperation with this care institution for years. For example, daycare location De Wisselstroom in Hapert (temporarily closed due to corona) is one of our collection points where you can pick up your online order. It is one of the many daycare locations of Lunet zorg where people with a distance to the labour market work under supervision. The pickup point is staffed by the clients of Lunet zorg. In addition to Lunet care, we work together with other social work companies, such as ISD de Kempen, WVK group, Diamond group and Ergon. This way we find a place for everyone within T.O.M. bv, with or without a distance to the labour market.

Thanks to this method, CEO Tom te Riele has been ambassador of Brabants Besten since 2016. These are entrepreneurs who excel in the way they use their employees in an innovative way. For example by getting work back from abroad, improving work processes or by employing people with a distance to the labour market. By sharing their story and experience, the ambassadors inspire other entrepreneurs to also start innovative employment practices. In this way, T.O.M. bv contributes to a vital, well-trained and flexible Brabant workforce.

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