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In the spotlight!
AMIGO BMX Fun 18 Inch 24 cm Boys Coaster Brake Black/Green
€ 144,95 € 105,00
AMIGO Bloom 18 Inch 24 cm Girls Coaster Brake Matte black
€ 149,00 € 109,00
Popal Cruise
Popal Cruise 26 Inch Woman 3SP Coaster Brake White
€ 345,00 € 199,00
Popal Daily Dutch Basic+
Popal Daily Dutch Basic+ 28 Inch Men 3SP Coaster Brake Titanium
€ 479,00 € 279,00
Vogue Basic
Vogue Basic 28 Inch Woman 3SP Roller brakes Cream
€ 1399,00 € 999,00
AMIGO tires

AMIGO is our own brand that we have developed with care and passion. The collection consists of robust outer tubes and strong inner tubes of the best quality. Available in various inch sizes and numerous colours.
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Top five

Proud! We are among the top five fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands! That became known during the Shopping Award gala. A very handsome achievement!
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Transport Bikes

A transport bike has a front carrier on which you can easily carry extra stuff. Check out our assortment here, with brands like Popal, Vogue, Altec, Volare and Desire.
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