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In the spotlight!
AMIGO Firefighter
AMIGO Firefighter 14 Inch 18 cm Boys Coaster Brake Matte black
€ 124,95 € 79,95
Volare Ibiza
Volare Ibiza 18 Inch 28 cm Girls Coaster Brake Pink
€ 204,95 € 152,50
Popal Daily Dutch Basic
Popal Daily Dutch Basic 28 Inch Women Coaster Brake Dark Green
€ 476,14 € 339,00
Vogue Basic
Vogue Basic 28 Inch Women 3SP Roller brakes Cream
€ 1399,00 € 999,00
AMIGO bicycle crate plastic 27 litres army green
€ 14,80 € 9,95
Bike Maintenance

With good bike maintenance your bike will last longer and stay smooth. It is therefore important that you regularly clean, lubricate and inject the bike with the correct maintenance products.
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Bike computers

A bike computer keeps track of your performance. During the ride it measures your minimum, maximum and average speed, the ridden distance and the duration. 
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AMIGO bicycle tires

AMIGO is our own brand that we have developed with great care and passion. The collection consists of robust outer tubes and strong inner tubes of the best quality. Available in various inch sizes and numerous colours.
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